Driver+Build: A Track Focused F80

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Interview and words by :Rich Nguyen(@osaka.wolf)



1. What is your name or handle and whats your Instagram page for people to follow?

IG is : @thefilipaneseboy



2. What car(s) do you currently own [year/make/model]?

Right now I own a 2018 BMW M3 F80



3. List of some of the mods done to your car?

Current mods are:

1) JRZ RS2 Coilovers with Ground Control Camber plates

2) Bride x Vertex Zeta iii bucket seat with the Macht Schnell Clubsport seat mounts

3) Few Carbon bits like the front lip, diffuser, and trunk wing

3) Full Xpel Stealth wrap 



4. Any future mods you wanna do to your car?

Future mods I'd want to do are:

1) CAE shifter which I'm hoping to cop within the next month

2) Studio RSR Cage 

3) 6 Point Harness 

4) Full SPL suspension arms 

5. Whats is your favorite part of the car?

Right now I'd say my favorite part of the car would be the coilovers. This has been one of the best upgrades I've done so far since I track relatively frequently . Night and day difference in handling and ride quality on the street and the track.




6. Any pros and cons you wanna share with owning the car?

There are 0 cons for this car in my opinion. You could say the crankhub is a con for the car, but unless you're tuned, it is very unlikely to have crankhub failure. Some also say the exhaust note is awful but for me, it is very unique.

If anything this car has been nothing but good. Lots of power from the factory, handling characteristics are very predictable and easy to reel in if you push it too much, and extremely reliable. 


7. What is your current setup at the moment? (Wheels,Tires,Suspension)

Daily Wheels: OEM 666m wheels w/ Yokahama Advans Apex V601s 265/30/20 F 285/30/20 R

Track Wheels: Apex EC-7 18x10 +25 Square w/ Nankan CR-1s 275/35/18

Suspension: JRZ RS2 Coilovers 

8. How long did this build take?

I have had the car since April of 2020

9. Is there another car you wanna build or a project that might be coming soon? 

I do have an S13 swapped with a fully built SR20 at home. This is a drift project that has been neglected because of the F80 lol 

10. Any special shoutouts?

Shoutout to my girlfriend for putting up with this hobby and to all my friends who always give me good company and help me out at the track.

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