Driver+Build: Bagged and Tuckin' C300

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interview by: Rich Nguyen

Photos provided by: @erickwxlf


What is your name or handle and what’s your Instagram page for people to follow and where are you from?


Hello, my name is Erick, I’m 25 years old & I am from Pomona, CA. Instagram is @erickwxlf

What car(s) do you currently own [year/make/model]?


I own a 2016 Mercedes-Benz c300

List of some of the mods are done to your car?


-Car is wrapped in Oracle Azule Metallic
-Running airlift suspension 3p
-Work Meisters S1 18x9.5 +30 all around
-Carbon Fiber spoiler
-Carbon Fiber side mirror caps
-Carbon Fiber lip
-Carbon Fiber diffuser
-Custom side skirts
-Aerowolf winglets
-Custom quad-tip exhaust
-Amg rear bumper
-Carbon fiber rear bumper covers
-Amg style grill
-Carbon fiber interior centerpiece
-Interior Accessories, Junction Produce pillows, lighting, etc.


What got you into cars?


As a kid, I would always collect hot wheels, but in 2014 senior year of high school my buddy had an old-school prelude that got me into getting my first car



What made you choose this car?


The Mercedes-Benz is something you don’t really see much at meets, when I saw it at the dealer, I had to get it and try and go a different route to see what I can do to be different.



Any future mods you want to do to your car?


I want to focus on making the car faster. I want to get the car ready for a tune.

What’s is your favorite part of the car?


My favorite part of the car is the wheels, Work Meisters s1 has been my favorite wheels, and to have it on the car is definitely a dream come true.


Any pros and cons you want to share with owning the car for the people that might be looking at this option?


The car has more pros and very few cons. I enjoy everything about the car the only con I have is that you are very limited to the parts, not many parts are made regarding the overall look.




Any tips you would like to give to a person that would like to own this model?


Tips I can give someone is taking your time with the car is a fun good-looking car but maintenance is more important than trying to modify it fast.

What is your current setup at the moment? (Wheels, Tires, Suspension)


I am running an airlift suspension 3p, wrap in Work Meisters s1 18x9.5 +30 square setup.




How long did this build take?


The overall build till today took me a year and a half.

Is there another car you want to build or a project that might be coming soon? 


I do have another project car coming soon, is definitely going to be another Euro car. I am hoping to get myself a 2016 BMW m4 in the next month or two.


Any special shoutouts?


I want to give a special shoutout to the @aautomotive team for welcoming me into the family.

Owner: @erickwxlf

Photographer: @alyssanelsonn_
All Photos here are credited to @alyssanelsonn_

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