Driver+Build: Buttery Fitment on a Model 3

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Interviewed by Rich Nguyen @osaka.wolf
Photos by @moddedtesla
What is your name or handle and what's your Instagram page for people to follow and also where are you from?

You guessed it, Kevin Nguyen and I'm based in Los Angeles. My Instagram handle is @k2tesla but once my vanity plate comes in you can catch me at @fccboi.


2. What car(s) do you currently own [year/make/model]?

I only have my 2021 Tesla Model 3 now. Previously I drove a 2018 IS300 F Sport and a 2008 Honda Civic Si.


3. List of some of the mods done to your car?

Teckwrap Madeira Red color shift wrap
Airlift Management
Dual Viair Compressors
4G Airlift Air Tank (Jinro Green Grape Soju Wrapped)

Custom Frunk Display Table
CMST Rear Diffuser with Brake Light
Ikon Spoiler
Ikon Front Lip
Custom Gloss Black Splitter
20’ Weds Kranze LXZ (HOT BOI FITTED)



4. What got you into cars?

Definitely my cousins Martin, Tek, and Dan at @r1concepts. Growing up, they always had the coolest cars but would also be hustling the hardest and were everything I wanted to be growing up. I never felt confident enough until my current build to tell them I was into cars because I was a pleb compared to them.


5. What made you choose this car?

I bought this with the intention of commuting to work everyday. My old office was in Downtown LA and the new one is in Santa Monica (pain). I was hoping autopilot would keep me sane while I sat in traffic for 1HR+ a day but I’m working from home now so that’s not a concern anymore.



6. What do you do for a living?

I work for a digital entertainment company in LA. I lead the content and strategic partnerships division that works to acquire viral videos and meme accounts. I also do some light consulting on the side. Find me at a meet and I’ll explain what I do if you’re interested in that boring stuff. 



7. Any future mods you want to do to your car?

The wrap was the piece de resistance to my car! But if anyone knows someone that is interested in widebodying a Tesla. Let me know…let's break some necks.

8. What is your favorite part of the car?

My wheels. I always wanted to go for the VIP/Hot Boi look but never had the balls or bank to do it....UNTIL NOW. Also because no one runs LXZs on a Tesla.



9. Any pros and cons you wanna share with owning the car?

Pros: No Gas. Car is fast as heck. Autopilot. Mom approves it. Almost no maintenance. 

Cons: Everyone hates on you. Quality isn’t up to par with price. Back seats are uncomfortable for long trips.

10. Any tips you would like to give to a person that would like to own this model?

Test drive it before you buy it. It’s literally free.99 to test drive and the reps are super nice about it. Make sure to floor it.


11.  What is your current setup at the moment? (Wheels,Tires,Suspension)

Wheels: Weds Kranze LXZ 20x9 20x10. Brushed Face, Polished Lips built by @sensei.6
Tires: Falken Azenis 510 - 225/35/20, 245/35/20

Suspension: Airlift 3H Management, Dual Viair Compressors, 4 Gal. Air Lift Tank



12.  How long did this build take?

Probably 3-4 months to achieve a state I was content with. If you want to count the entire mod cycle then it’s been 11 months up until today


13.  Is there another car you wanna build or a project that might be coming soon? 

I really want to build an FD or a widebody cayman or that new targa top supra LOL


14. Any special shoutouts?

Shoutouts to my delinquent friends at, my wrap sponsor Alvin at @316autosalon, @sensei.6 for the wheel build, and @osakaoutlaw Kyle for telling me my car was cool at my first car meet with my Tesla. Lastly, @osaka.wolf for giving this opportunity to be involved with @osakaoutlaw :) 

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